Teachers vs. Kenneth Cole

By Mary Ann Giordano, The New York Times

Happy May Day. Here’s some of what’s in the news this Tuesday morning:

Kenneth Cole, the designer, has long been known for his topical slogans that use puns to promote his shoes, clothing and accessories. Among other places, the advertisements loom over the West Side Highway at 125th Street on a giant billboard, grabbing the attention of anyone zooming (or, too often, crawling) down the highway along the Hudson River.

At first glance, the latest billboard looked innocent enough: Next to a model dressed in a bright red pantsuit, the sign asks, “Shouldn’t Everyone Be Well Red?” But beneath that slogan, in smaller type, as Gotham Schools reported last week, the sign said, “Teachers’ Rights vs. Students’ Rights …” and directed viewers to wheredoyoustand.com, a Cole Web site that entertains discussion on topical issues stirred up by his ads.


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