Corporate Campaigns: How Unions Take the Secret Ballot Away from American Workers

CEI Policy Analyst Trey Kovacs and CEI Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio Featured in Capital Research Center Labor Watch 

Summary: Desperate to reverse their falling numbers, labor unions are resorting to wide-ranging strategies of intimidation to amass more dues-paying members. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is notorious for devising ways to damage the reputation of companies it wants to unionize—and for its personal attacks on corporate officers. The goal of its “corporate campaigns,” as they are known, is to strong-arm a company into signing a “neutrality agreement,” which allows unions to eliminate the secret ballot in union organizing elections Even though Congress has failed to pass the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), labor unions are already using EFCA’s central feature, the process commonly known as “card check,” to replace secret ballot elections. Union corporate campaigns are in practice achieving what Congress and the Obama administration have so far failed to accomplish by law.

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