Senate Passes Watered-Down Postal Bill

Alliance for Worker Freedom

After refusing to pass a budget for three years, the Senate today moved a postal “reform” bill that edifies the upper chamber’s refusal to confront the nation’s fiscal problems. Rather than reform the postal service’s bloated bureaucracy, the Democrat Senate has expanded the federal carrier’s authority and pushed it further towards bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the already watered down Senate bill only worsened throughout the amendment process; nearly every amendment that would have made S. 1789 more like Issa’s Postal Reform Act failed.

ATR highlighted many of S. 1789’s shortcomings in an earlier letter:

Given that over 80 percent of the Post Office’s costs are labor related—while FedEx and UPS spend 20-40 percent less—it is not surprising that the government entity can afford to shed 220,000 employees, according to its own estimates.  Unfortunately, S. 1789 does little to right-size USPS’s workforce and rein in overhead costs. Additionally, S. 1789 leaves thousands of unnecessary post offices and mail processing facilities untouched and requires Saturday delivery for at least two more years.

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