Payroll Protection Bills Would Prohibit Mandatory Deductions for Political Activism

The Pelican Post

Louisiana lawmakers are set to take up “payroll protection” bills that would prohibit public school officials from automatically deducting worker dues for political purposes.

The proposals figure into a larger national movement built around state initiatives that would prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to support political candidates and public policy proposals aligned with the preferences of organized labor.

There are two separate bills tentatively scheduled for a hearing before the House and Government Affairs Committee on Wednesday May 2nd. Rep. Bob Hensgens (R-Abbeville) is sponsoring(House Bill 88), which “prohibits political uses of public payroll withholdings and deductions” for public employees. Rep. Alan Seabaugh  (R-Shreveport) is sponsoring a separate, more broadly worded, version of the legislation that would prevent organizations with a history of political activism from receiving funds from public employees. Seabaugh’s (House Bill 1023) “prohibits any entity which engages in political activity from receiving public payroll withholdings or deductions.”

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