NLRB ‘Working Overtime’ to Boost Unions, Attorney Warns

Market Watch

The National Labor Relations Board is committed to making it easier for non-union employees to engage in collective bargaining–and that means many U.S. businesses ought to ramp up their efforts to stay union-free, warned a veteran labor and employment attorney for the national law firm LeClairRyan.

“The changes afoot at today’s NLRB include a new rule that, if not enjoined by a federal court prior to April 30, will have an enormous impact by speeding up union-organizing elections,” said Mark B. Goodwin, a Washington- and Richmond, Va.-based member of LeClairRyan’s Labor & Employment practice team. “The Board has indicated that it is ready to go full force under the new regulations should the court let them stand, and the NLRB General Counsel’s office has been taking steps to make sure NLRB’s regional offices are ready to go as well.”

And as Goodwin noted during an April 19 webinar sponsored by the firm (“nlrb enhancement of union organizing: How Employers Should Respond Now”), the quick-election proposal is just one of several pro-union initiatives now being pursued by today’s majority-Democrat NLRB.

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