Obama team breaks pledge, taps lobbyists for cash

By Timothy Carney, The Washington Examiner

President Obama’s re-election team is raising big money from lobbying firms and other special interest groups that benefit from his policies and appointments.

This doesn’t make Obama any different from other politicians — but it sure makes him different from what he promised to be.

In March, Obama’s campaign officially announced it would cooperate with Priorities USA, the pro-Obama super-PAC run by Obama administration and Obama campaign alumni. As a super-PAC, Priorities USA is not allowed to directly coordinate with the Obama campaign or the Democratic National Committee, but it is also allowed to raise as much money as it can from any donor, including corporations and labor unions, and spend that money on independent ads promoting Obama and attacking Romney.

So Obama’s virginity pledges of no corporate money and no lobbyist money — which were always riddled with loopholes — are now officially defunct.


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