Falk, Barrett vague on paying for proposed collective bargaining restoration


The two Democrats with the most support in the governor’s recall election have said the least about where they’d get the money to keep their promises. Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk have been the most vocal about criticizing Scott Walker’s multi-million-dollar cuts to public schools, local governments, and health coverage for the poor. Falk, the former Dane County executive, tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she won’t promise any level of funding or taxation. And she’s only focusing on her priorities at the moment, which are propping up school funding.

Both candidates have talked about rolling back some of the Republican Walker’s corporate tax breaks. Falk has specifically mentioned a reversal of the tax break for multi-state corporations – and she’d give the money to technical schools. Barrett, the Milwaukee mayor, says nobody knows how much will be needed. If elected in June, Barrett says he’d focus on creating jobs to create more tax revenues – and then work to un-do the Walker cuts in the next budget a year from now.


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