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Dear United States Senator:

On behalf of the millions of members and followers of our organizations, we urge you to VOTE YES on Senator Mike Enzi’s (R- Wyo.) S.J. Res 36, to overturn the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) ambush elections rule. No government agency has wreaked more havoc on the U.S. economy than the NLRB, which infamously sued Boeing for opening a new plant in a right-to-work state, is suing to overturn state-level secret ballot protections in union elections, and has pursued a dizzying array of regulations and decisions designed to force workers into unions against their will.

The ambush elections rule is a prime example of the NLRB advancing an element of legislation already rejected by Congress and putting the interests of labor bosses above those of workers. If the Senate fails to overturn it, the rule will lead to even greater erosion of workers’ rights, by making it more difficult for them to make an informed decision. It would also add to the increasing regulatory burden on businesses and entrepreneurs that has stifled job creation.

Currently, the average period before a union election after a union files a petition is 38 days. This gives both the union and management an opportunity to explain the facts and ensure workers understand the high stakes in a representation election. The new rule will shorten it to as little as 10 days and eliminate procedural safeguards employers currently have to make sure union elections are duly authorized and eligible workers are properly defined before an election takes place.

NLRB Chairman Mark Pearce has already indicated that if the rule stands he intends to go much further in rigging the process to favor union organizers at the expense of workers and employers. “We keep our eye on the prize,” Pearce said in January, promising to force employers to make confidential employee information, including phone numbers and email addresses, available to union organizers. That would potentially expose workers to harassment, intimidation, or even violence.

The vote on S.J. Res 36 will give the Senate an opportunity to stand up for its constitutional prerogative under Article I, Section 1, and stop the usurpation of legislative power by unaccountable federal bureaucrats at the NLRB. By voting yes on S.J. Res 36 you can send a strong signal that unelected bureaucrats will not be permitted to do an end-run around Congress. We urge you to do so.



Phil Kerpen, President

American Commitment


Grover Norquist, President

Americans for Tax Reform


Chris Prandoni,

Executive Director

Alliance for Worker Freedom


Fred Smith, President

Competitive Enterprise Institute


F. Vincent Vernuccio,

Labor Policy Counsel


David Williams, President

Taxpayers Protection Alliance


George Landrith, President

Frontiers of Freedom


Eli Lehrer, Vice President
The Heartland Institute


Chris Littleton, President

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom


Jim Martin, Chairman

60 Plus Association


Phyllis Schlafly,

Founder and President

Eagle Forum


Andrew Langer, President

Institute for Liberty


Andrew F. Quinlan, President

Center for Freedom and Prosperity


Heather R. Higgins,

President and CEO

Independent Women’s Voice


James Valvo, Director of Policy

Americans for Prosperity


Colin A Hanna, President

Let Freedom Ring


Timothy H. Lee , Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs

Center For Individual Freedom


Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman


Seton Motley, President

Less Government


Amy Ridenour, Chairman

National Center for Public Policy Research


Bill Pascoe,

Executive Vice President

Citizens for the Republic


Dr. J. Robert McClure III, President & CEO

The James Madison Institute


Michael A. Needham,

Chief Executive Officer

Heritage Action for America


Chris Chocola, President

The Club for Growth


Al Cardenas, Chairman

The American Conservative Union


Duane Parde, President

National Taxpayers Union


Curt Levey, Executive Director

The Committee for Justice



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