Union rebel’s violent life

By Greg Smith, New York Daily News

ERIC GUNDERSEN is the earnest face of a new union that’s trying to usurp the biggest construction union in the city — the 25,000-member District Council of Carpenters.

Representing the upstart Amalgamated Carpenters and Joiners, Gundersen gives quotes to the press and provides sworn testimony to the National Labor Relations Board.

What he doesn’t reveal is his remarkably violent past.

In 1994 he was part of a teenaged gang that nearly beat to death an off-duty NYPD sergeant named Louis Cosentino who’d dared to tell them to shut up as they partied loudly in the pre-dawn hours. Gundersen and seven fellow thugs kicked out all of Cosentino’s teeth and broke nearly every bone in his face. The News’ front page blared, “Punks beat cop so badly YOU CAN’T TELL IT’S HIM.”


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