NLRB’s Flynn Won’t Quit, Says ‘No Wrongdoing’ on Ethics

By Eric Martin, Bloomberg Businessweek

Republican National Labor Relations Board member Terence Flynn rejected a call to quit, saying he did nothing wrong after an agency investigator found he broke ethics rules by sharing nonpublic information.

Flynn, while an agency lawyer, passed memorandums on board deliberations last year to Republican Peter Schaumber, his boss until August 2010 and now a labor adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to the agency’s Inspector General. Flynn also shared information with Peter Kirsanow, another former member working for the National Association of Manufacturers. The AFL-CIO union group urged Flynn to quit, citing the breaches that occurred before President Barack Obama appointed Flynn in January during a congressional recess.

“I intend to fulfill my responsibilities as a board member,” Flynn said in a statement released by the agency. “I am troubled by the politicization of this internal matter, in which I have committed no wrongdoing.”

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