Unions blast mayor on prevailing wage order

Crain’s New York Business 

The District Council of Carpenters and several union umbrella groups said Mayor Mike Bloomberg did not consult organized labor before ending a century-old rule giving the comptroller the power to set wages for city-employed tradesmen.

“We’re surprised that the mayor would make this type of radical change without any input from the NYC comptroller or labor,” the union said. An insider said that getting input from the unions would have been pointless because it was “obvious” that the unions would oppose the executive order.

“It is also quite troubling that a decision of such far-reaching magnitude would be made without a process for public discussion,” the state AFL-CIO said.

A spokeswoman for the mayor said the change would simply treat about 10,000 tradesmen like other city employees. They would no longer be able to rely on the comptroller to bump-up their wages when contract negotiations fail.

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