Big Labor Keeps Blasting Nonunion Foreign Automakers As Human-Rights Abusers

By Sean Higgins, Investor’s Business Daily

Big Labor is making a concerted effort to pressure foreign carmakers, most recently Daimler, to convince Alabama to repeal its controversial anti-immigration law. Though the unions deny a connection, the effort appears to follow through on a threat the United Auto Workers made last year to label those foreign companies human-rights abusers if they resisted organizing efforts at their U.S. plants.

At a speech in Detroit in January of 2011, UAW President Bob King said: “If a company makes the bad business decision to engage in anti-union activity, suppress the rights of freedom of speech and assembly, we will launch a global campaign to brand that company a human-rights violator.”

Last month a coalition of pro-immigration groups, progressive organizations and labor unions, including the UAW, began a campaign targeting foreign automakers that operate plants in Alabama.

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