Protecting ALL workers’ rights

Rep. Tim ScottBy Rep. Tim Scott, Human Events

The core principles of democracy are what made us the greatest nation the Earth has ever seen. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has the right to voice his or her opinion.

Unfortunately, too often those very principles are ignored in workplaces across the nation. Employees are forced to pay dues to unions they never voted to form, and their union dues are used to benefit candidates they would never support. In some states, union leaders can choose to go on strike without majority support from their fellow employees.

My home state of South Carolina is a right-to-work state, where the rights of all workers, union or not, are protected. While this makes us the target of Big Labor, such as with last year’s ridiculous accusations by the National Labor Relations Board against Boeing in North Charleston, the facts are on our side. Recently, economist Arthur Laffer crunched the numbers and learned that personal incomes in — and the state economies of — right-to-work states are growing faster than non-right-to-work states.

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