Occupy Wall Street: Springboard For SEIU Organizing

By Carl Horowitz, Townhall.com

Occupy Wall Street: Springboard For SEIU Organizing‘Occupy Wall Street’ and dozens of similar protests around the nation were only the beginning. The Service Employees International Union, as much as any organization in or outside the ranks of organized labor, is making sure of it.

The SEIU these past several months has been playing a crucial behind-the-scenes role in transforming these rallies into the raw material for a new generation of activists. Through varied front groups, the union is taking its fight against banks, energy companies and other corporations to a new level, making sure elected officials not in its corner feel the SEIU’s wrath. These nonprofit organizations typically operate under benign-sounding tags such as “good jobs” and “a fair economy.” And they seem spontaneous to the naked eye. Yet they bear the hallmarks of SEIU stage management. And as their youthful leaders become more sophisticated and better networked, the union – and organized labor generally – may wind up a good deal more effective in the drive to place the U.S. economy under public control.


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