“31 companies identified Right To Work as a major factor in their interest in Indiana”

National Right to Work Committee, Eagle Radio

Not only does Right To Work free workers from compulsory unionism, it is directly responsible for new jobs in Indiana.  According to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, he is having conversations with 31 companies because Indiana lawmakers passed the Right To Work Act.  From Eagle Radio:

“We’ve already signed new agreements with three companies. One announced and two to come soon,” said Daniels. “There are 31 companies as of Friday night now in negotiation roles who have identified right to work as a major, if not the major, factor in their interest in Indiana.”

“With its low tax environment, robust infrastructure, superb logistic support network and right-to-work status, Indiana was a no-brainer location for us,” MBC Group president Eric Holloway said in the statement.


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