Home Health Care ‘Dues Skim’ More Than Matches SEIU ’08 Obama Contributions

By Jack Spencer, Michigan Capitol Confidential

President Barack Obama can take it to the bank. In 2012, the Service Employees International Union is expected to surpass the level of contributions it gave him in 2008. If SEIU were to send him only the dollars accumulated from Michigan’s “home healthcare dues skim;” that would be enough.

About five years ago SEIU pulled off a covert “forced unionization” of 43,000 home caregivers in Michigan. That total has now reached 56.442. A dummy employer and  unpublicized election were the key elements in the unionization. Continuation of the dues flow from the forced unionization is known as the “home healthcare dues skim.”

The SEIU has now received more than $29 million in dues from the ongoing “skim.” If the “skim” continues through October 2012, that amount will have reached nearly $33 million. This is more than enough for the union to top its 2008 contribution level — when the $27 million it gave Obama made the SEIU one of his biggest contributors.


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