Walmart Aiming For Chinatown in a Los Angeles Hostile to This Big-Box Retailer

By Dennis Romero, LA Weekly

Los Angeles, a big labor town when it comes to grocery store workers, has been notoriously hostile to Walmart, the big-box store with non-union employees.

But a report indicates that the Arkansas retailer is trying to sneak in under the radar by opening a small grocery store on the edge of Chinatown.

The blog Frying Pan News says:

Permit applications have been submitted for a Walmart store in downtown Los Angeles’ historic Chinatown, laying the groundwork for the giant retailer’s first grocery operation in one of the country’s largest and most lucrative markets.Permit applications were filed with the L.A. City Department of Building and Safety late last year. Some have already been approved. Two well-placed sources in city government, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed this morning to Frying Pan News that the applications were submitted by Walmart.

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