School board member: Delsea teachers union wrong to picket at board president’s home

 By Carly Q. Romalino, Gloucester County Times

A Valentine’s Day teachers union demonstration attempted to show the love for a fair deal when a small group of Delsea Education Association members marched in front of the school board president’s house last week.

While the group of teachers, support staff and aides – who have been in contract negotiations since 2010 – were demonstrating within the boundaries of the law, school board members are “appalled and disgusted” with the union’s call to picket in front of Mario Christina’s home while his children were present.

Christina, who had no comment following the incident, was not home when the picket line assembled outside his Chew Avenue residence. His daughter, whose Delsea teachers were among the crowd, was home at the time.

“I really have to question someone’s judgment and their ability to lead when they jeopardize someone’s children or their neighbors,” said Tom Tobin, a member of the volunteer Delsea Regional Board of Education.

According to Christine Onorato, DEA president, there was no way for the group to tell if anyone was inside the Christina home when the group marched with signs that read “We would love a fair deal,” “Mend this district,” and “Treat us like the Delsea family you say we are.”

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