Rep. Ron Paul rails against ‘Big Labor,’ talks economics during Hudsonville campaign stop

By Zane McMillin,

Republican presidential primary underdog and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul fired up supporters Sunday during a campaign stop in Hudsonville, where he blasted Congress on domestic and foreign policy issues and expressed support for a national Right To Work law.

The campaign rally at the city’s Pinnacle Center attracted nearly 1,600 supporters, including West Michigan residents, labor workers and small business owners.

It was Paul’s second Michigan stop ahead of Tuesday’s primary, the first being a Saturday appearance at Central Michigan University.

The Texas congressman was short on Michigan-specific comments, and spent a bulk of his nearly hour-long speech harping on domestic and foreign policy issues he said have pitched the country headlong into economic despair.

“The federal government does a lousy job providing the atmosphere necessary to be competitive and be able to compete around the world because they overtax and they overregulate,” Paul said to raucous cheers from rally attendees.

Early on in his remarks, Paul lambasted Congress for perceived inaction on or inability to solve problems facing the country.

“I think Congress is about 20 years behind,” he said. “We need changes quicker now than ever before.”

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