Was UAW No-Strike Clause Another GM Bailout Deception?

By Mark Modica, National Legal and Policy Center 

Back during the days of General Motors’ bankruptcy proceedings, media reports cited the many “sacrifices” made by the politically favored UAW. I have long wondered what these many sacrifices were, as UAW members seem to be doing pretty well since the GM bankruptcy. One such “sacrifice” was a supposed agreement that the UAW could not go on strike at GM until after 2015, as mentioned in this Bloomberg piece, and accepted as fact by all media sources. I questioned this assertion in apiece I wrote in December of 2010, but as has been the case with much of the coverage of GM, the potential GM deception was left unchallenged by auto journalists and the mainstream media. Recent reports of a strike authorized by GM UAW workers in Kansas now raise the question of if my suspicions were correct that there are no binding agreements to prevent strikes at GM plants.

The culture of deceit at Government Motors since the Obama Administration’s orchestrated bankruptcy becomes apparent on many occasions. The Chevy Volt is an ongoing debacle with continued bogus claims of strong demand for the vehicle as taxpayers are reimbursing each wealthy purchaser of the car up to the tune of $7500 plus state credits. Financial strength at GM has been touted by GM management, yet the share price is indicative of skepticism by those managing the smart money. The Obama Administration declared taxpayers would make money on their GM market-timing gamble, but billions of dollars have been flushed away. And now we discover that yet another representation of a UAW “sacrifice” was likely fabricated (or at best deceptive in the sense that it neglected to address any local UAW exclusions) to help garner political support for handing over $50 billion of taxpayer money to bail out GM.


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