White House Backs Big Labor in Fight Over FAA Reauthorization Bill

By Tina Korbe/The Heritage Foundation

A year ago, a board of three unelected bureaucrats reversed 75 years of precedent when it decided airlines and railroads can unionize with the support of just a majority of voting workers rather than a majority of all workers.

Today, the House of Representatives takes up a bill that would reverse that decision and restore precedent — but it faces internal opposition and the threat of a presidential veto.

The Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill includes a provision, Title IX, that would annul the National Mediation Board’s 2010 Minority Rule decision and ensure that airlines and railroads unionize only with the support of a majority of their entire workforces. No longer would unions be able to organize airlines with the support of just 34 percent of the workforce, as AirTran did recently.


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